If You Can’t Stand Each Other Please Don’t Fly Together

Right before Thanksgiving an American Airlines flight from Washington DC to Los Angeles had to divert when a husband and wife wouldn’t stop fighting. A flight attendant separated them, moving the husband to the back of the aircraft. However his wife followed and things escalated. I figured the guy must’ve said the wrong thing about his mother-in-law.

Now it seems another couple fought on board an American Airlines flight on Wednesday and caused the pilot to divert. They say two data points makes a trend so I can now write my trend piece on relationships breaking down more frequently in the air than ever before.

The CRJ-700 aircraft operated by SkyWest was enroute from Chicago to Toronto when this husband allegedly hit his wife and the pilot decided to turn around and go back to O’Hare.

No charges were filed and the couple was booked onto a later flight.