New Boarding Group Ahead Of First Class

American Airlines first class passengers board in group one. But group one isn’t first. ConciergeKey members board first, before group one.

Which reminds me of a very basic table seating strategy for major events. Your best, most important table is never table 1. You assign people to table 1 who aren’t quite as important, but you don’t want to offend by sitting them somewhere other than table 1.

And what’s first class? For some “$400,000 a year working Wall Street stiff..?”

But what about the people they need to wait for? The New Yorker gets it.

Although in fact it’s often not the wealthy flying in first class at least for work. If you’re important enough people come to you.

Private is just as often for Walmart middle managers so they can visit three stores in a day, instead taking three days connecting twice each way to visit one store in flyover country.