New York City after a Snow Storm – City Drive in a Snowy Weather in 5K

Take an exciting virtual trip through snowy New York with us! The 5K resolution of this urban drive video will allow you to see all the details of this amazing trip and explore the famous New York City after the snow storm as if from the inside of a car. The video starts in Long Island City (Queens), then the Queensboro Bridge takes you to Manhattan. In Manhattan, travel downtown via Park Avenue. Then get to 5th Avenue (Museum Mile) around the Metropolitan Museum of Art and head downtown, passing Central Park and the shops on 5th Avenue. Turn into Times Square and head south on 7th Avenue (Fashion Avenue) to 32nd Street. Then find yourself on 6th Avenue and drive north past Macy’s and Herald Square. Turn onto 42nd Street near Bryant Park. Then on 5th Avenue, we continue downtown, passing the New York Public Library, Madison Square Park, and the Flatiron Building to Washington Square Park. Snowy weather will highlight the beauty of New York’s urban landscapes and make your 5K virtual trip even more atmospheric!

New York is a city that seems to be known and talked about all over the planet! It is unlikely that you will meet a person who has not heard of Central Park, the Skyscrapers of Manhattan, the Empire State Building, or Broadway. New York is the TALLEST buildings, the BIGGEST museums, and the MOST delicious pizza. This city is hyperbole, and everything here can be spoken of in superlatives.

Our filmmaker Uladzimir Taukachou has been living in New York for several years and discovers something new in it every day. Our channel already has several urban drive videos from the streets of New York, but the winter snowy city is distinguished by its inexplicable charisma and charm. Enjoy a 5K virtual drive through the streets of New York and forget your worries! Use this colorful winter road video during your workouts on the treadmill or stationary bike. Get to know the amazing city and do sports with pleasure at the same time!

Video from: #NewYork, USA
Video title: Discovering NY State Snow Storm in New York
Time of filming: #Winter 2021
Equipment used: GoPro 9
Video type: City drive video
Video resolution: 5K
Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art INc
Cinematographer: Uladzimir Taukachou
Editor and colorist: Uladzimir Taukachou
Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Unfortunately, YouTube was unable to transcode the video and it is only available in 4K resolution on this channel. To enjoy amazing winter beach scenery in its true 5K resolution, please visit

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