Updated Details of the American Airlines Fleet

I’ve created a table with the current active American Airlines mainline fleet, which consists of 945 aircraft. You can see how many seats are in each aircraft type, and how many of each type they have in service. The table is accurate as of today.

There are (3) types of Boeing 737s listed in the table, for instance.

  • You’ll see that one is the 737 MAX, and that has the airline’s latest interior (big bins, satellite wifi, more and thinner seats, smaller lavatories and no seat back video).
  • The 737-800 is American’s existing 737 configuration. These have 160 seats (up from 150 before the merger) and haven’t yet been converted to have 172.
  • 737-800 (Oasis) indicates 737-800s that have been converted from 160 seats to 172, which means tighter seating (even in Main Cabin Extra and first class) and match the interiors of the 737 MAX.

Boeing 737 MAX Interior

Similarly there are two configurations of Boeing 787-8s, one which takes out 8 business class seats and adds premium economy (there’s only one active in the fleet so far) and a version that doesn’t yet have premium economy.

Active includes planes that are currently in the process of being retrofit. In the chart below “LAA” refers to pre-merger American Airlines aircraft and “LUS” refers to pre-merger US Airways aircraft.

# Seats# Seats# Seats# Seats
#Aircraft TypeTrue FirstBiz/Domestic FPrem. EconomyCoach
20Embraer EMB-1901188
123Airbus A3198120
48Airbus A32012138
17Airbus A321T102062
81Airbus A321 LAA16165
120Airbus A321 LUS16171
15Airbus A330-2002021206
8Airbus A330-30028263
16Boeing 737 MAX 816156
280Boeing 737-80016144
23Boeing 737-800 (Oasis)16156
10Boeing 757 LUS12176
24Boeing 757 LAA16160
24Boeing 767-30028181
20Boeing 777-300ER85228216
40Boeing 777-200 (With Prem Y)3724212
6Boeing 777-200 LAA45215
1Boeing 787-8 (With Prem Y)2028186
19Boeing 787-828198
20Boeing 787-93021234

American’s mainline fleet currently consists of 330 first class seats; 16,562 business class or domestic first seats; 2283 premium economy seats; and 146,063 coach seats.

While American Airlines remains the only U.S. carrier offering a first class cabin, there’s just 330 seats. So while I love their First Dining rooms inside Flagship Lounges at New York JFK, Los Angeles, and Miami there simply aren’t very many passengers with access to those. (At New York JFK Cathay Pacific first class passengers have access as well.)

Flagship First Dining New York JFK

The real action though — what most people experience by far — is economy. So while much attention is paid to premium business class passengers (less so domestic first), and there’s a real focus on getting coach passengers to ‘buy up’ to premium economy internationally at — the airline says — double the price, it’s a real mistake to neglect the economy cabin completely. According to American’s joint venture partner British Airways, 25% of a customer buying decisions are based on brand rather than schedule or price.